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LOVE this....keep it going! Those would have been MY loving hands that made that soup!


Lindsey, you make me so happy that me and my boys are blessings in your life! I hope to continue working on strengthening our relationship. You're a very strong woman and I could learn quite a bit from you! Every time my boys faces light up when we talk about Lindsey, Marcy, Weece, and Clelo is more of a blessing to me than you'll know! Love you guys!

Lindsey Lohr Cox

You know I love you to pieces Sara. I was thinking this morning about growing up and all our adventures together: playing Barbies, making cars out of old boxes, climbing behind Nanny's couch,watching Price is Right and other stuff with her, fussing about who got what for breakfast, sharing little debbie snacks because Nanny wouldn't let us have a whole pack each, fighting over who got to make the kool aid, dancing in the kitchen, jumping off the porch, playing bank through the fan in her window, making popcorn in Mrs. Rogers yard.

So many good times!!!!

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