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Just read "Slugger" by Leigh Brill, the story of an assistance dog. (Freebe this week on Kindle) and now have started "Open" by Andre Agassi. Not sure why, but so far, I'm enjoying it.

Marjorie Church

Lindsay, I just finished The Tortilla Curtain, which I'm going to teach paired with The Grapes of Wrath this semester. If you haven't read either, I highly suggest that you do. Also, The Sunflower is excellent, also good to pair it with Night. I can't wait to hear what you think!

Lindsey Lohr Cox

@Marjorie I just requested Tortilla Curtain from the library! :) Thanks for the recommendation....I read Grapes of Wrath years ago.

@Shelly, thanks...I'll have to remember that one too.

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